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  It is our goal to give our Grady Mcknight awards to support the projects and initiatives of purpose-filled women.  Whether college bound, or                   entreprenuerial minded, our recipients desire to improve the world in which they live thru their individual talents and passion.  By supporting their efforts,   our organization is able to make an impact on our communities one woman at a time.


 While we know that larger organizations exist to financially support our community, we believe there are more than enough people that need financial   support, so we cast our net out to provide additional support in the community.


We provide financial support through priviate donations raised and provided by our Philan7 members.  These are a group of women who have philanthropic hearts and seek to plant their funds in to the lives of others.


 While Our awards may be smaller than many philanthroic organizations,  we have proved that we make a mighty impact on the women we assist!


 How do we select our awardees?


 We keep our eyes open for opportunities to give back to community initiatives.  By word of mouth or networking, we identify women who we believe will   make an impact and collectively make decisions on awardees.  We seek women who may fall into one of the following categories of need:

  • Additional College Assistance - Books, Fees, Transportation etc..
  • Professional Certification fees
  • Entreprenuerial Start Up Costs
  • Small business development needs


 What are the timelines for selection?

 There are not any set timelines.  Awards are given on a random basis; as needed in the community.  All applicants will receive an email notifying of receipt   and if selected, or not. 


 What is the average award amount?

 The award allocation varies based on a number of factors; need, type of request, amount of money available for allocation. The average individual award   has been $500. However, our largest individual award has been $1600.


Join us in being Philanthropic!

IIf you are a Philantropist and want to be be a part of something where you can see your donations make an immediate impact, we welcome you to learn   more about our model.  Send an email to for additional information.   



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