About Us

Who are we?


We have evolved.  In the recent past, we were programmatic, however in order to reduce the duplication of efforts in our community, we have decided to return to our initial focus.  We will support women thourgh our philanthropic efforts as well as connect them to resources within their communities.


Our goal has always been to improve the quality of lives in our target communities by empowering women.  It has been said that if you help a woman, you help her family.  Women have a high propensity of giving back to their families and their communities when they fare well.


How do we meet our goal?

  • Fund efforts for projects/efforts initiated by women who seek to improve the economics of their communities.  
  • Recognize the achievements of women in our community who are making an impact for the greater good; bringing the awareness of their services to the community
  • Share information and resources to empower the community

Where do we get our funds?


Our board is made up of a group of individuals who desire to invest back into the community. While a majority of the funds will be sponsored by them; we are open to community donations.


Our Grady McKnight Awards are the format in which the funds are given our awardees.

How can you help?




*We also seek new board members on an annual basis who desire to contribute to our philanthropic efforts*



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